Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cute Tape is Having A Givaway!!!


Washi on layouts is the best!

I loved using Washi tape in negative space it seems too pull my layouts all together.

Using it to hold tid bits of paper works great. Since it is removable you can move it even after you pressed it in to the paper and it does not tear a thing or leave a mark. I love this stuff.

I really love using washi tape! It is so easy to use and always adds that pop of color that you need for a layout!

Here I used it to hold a note card for 30 days of lists.

It's the perfect amount of sticky to adhere on all sorts of paper.

If I were to win $100.00 of washi tape from Cutetape.com I would split half with my best friend in Minnesota. As it is now when ever I get new washi tape I send her some stuck on page protectors and mail it to her just to share.

Thanks Cute Tape for sharing the chance at this awesome givaway with us!


  1. love your washi tape stuff!!!!!!!!!!
    so cute!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great work with the washi tape! Makes me want to get some to play with too! :)

  3. What a good way to share the tapes by mail them to a friend! So you both can have more patterns together! :)

  4. Hi Renee, just wanted to stop by and say hello :) I LOVE your new blog design!!!! it's sooo cute! did val do it??? Have a great weekend :) xxx Marlene